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Data Management Strategy

Follow a proven path to fast, effective results with data management strategies

Developing and implementing the right data and analytics strategy for your business can be tough. Without the right tools and support in place, businesses face a range of challenges.

Altis are leaders in Data and Analytics, and we are making our decades of research and experience available to you with our data analytics consulting services. By taking the time to understand your organisation first, we find you the most effective and appropriate solutions to your data management strategy needs.

From dealing with complex data architecture, data silos, lack of governance processes, security concerns and a lack of resources, the road to implementing a successful data strategy can seem insurmountable.

With Altis as your partner, the way forward becomes clearer. We’ll help you design a successful, long-term strategy that fits seamlessly with your business requirements.

Strategy and roadmap

We work alongside your team to design a successful, long term data management strategy, producing a roadmap of targeted and manageable initiatives so you can start seeing outcomes sooner.

Health check

Fully understanding the situation of your organisation is critical for effective planning and implementation. Our data analytics consulting follows a proven framework to identify issues, limitations, risks and, most importantly, opportunities for your organisation to achieve better business value through the improved use of your data.

Tool selection

Selecting the appropriate data and analytics tools is a key consideration for your organisation. Altis provides a vendor-independent methodology to facilitate clear and objective decision making around identifying the right tools for your needs, making sure your investments build toward your future.

Robust information architecture

Using our history of success in data and analytics, Altis has frameworks for your data landscape, covering everything from data platform architecture and metadata-driven ETL processes to reporting frameworks.

Data governance

Without a clearly defined governance process, organisations face data handling risks everyday. Altis provides a full, top-down review service to develop data governance frameworks that improve accuracy and efficiency in data capture.

Master data management

With insights being derived from an ever-wider and varied range of sources the management of your core master data items becomes all the more important. Altis’ Master Data Management framework will help determine the best integration strategy and management of your master data to allow the value of these key assets to be unlocked.

See how our clients have benefitted from our Advisory & Strategy services.

Clients we've delivered Advisory & Strategy projects for

MDA National
St John
University of Southern Queensland
Sustainability Victoria
South East Water
RMIT University
Royal Australasian College
Pernod Richard Winemakers
Agriculture Victoria
Hydro Tasmania
Gippsland Water
Carnival Cruise
Bureau of Meteorology
Barwon Water
Australia Post

Explore the possibilities with Altis’ Advisory and Strategy:


Tailored strategies

With Altis’ data analytics consulting, we make sure you’re a part of every conversation. We empower you with a thorough understanding of how your data is managed, taking the time to really understand who you are and how you work to provide the most suitable, tailored strategies for your success.


Effective, future-proofed solutions

Altis charts the unknown so you don’t have to. We do the research and testing to build frameworks that will support your organisation now and into the future. The solutions we implement are extensible, able to be updated with emerging technology, and guaranteed to be effective.


Independent advice

Make sure your organisation is meeting its informational needs. We implement secure, proven data management strategies that eliminate the risk of data loss and mishandling. We’re not resellers, and we make objective, unbiased recommendations. Because in the end, we’re invested in you and no one else.

Why is a data management strategy important?

There’s no doubt that with the right data management strategy in place, your business will enjoy exciting new levels of performance and profitability. Why? It’s simple. Improved use of data and enhanced data quality pave the way for better decision-making, and rapidly increased levels of efficiency.

With expert data management consulting services from Altis, you can be sure that you’ll receive strategies that are uniquely tailored for your business’ continuing success. How can your business afford to be without it?

Transform your organisation with Altis’ excellence in data analytics

With our tailored data analytics consulting and advisory services, we guide you through every step of your data analytics journey. Altis can also help your organisation with online training courses and webinars.

Our expertise in data architecture design, data integration planning and master data management strategies ensure that your data ecosystem is optimised for seamless collaboration and insights-driven decision-making.

Implement the right strategy for your business

Implementing the right data management strategy for your business involves a myriad of tasks. From identifying your unique requirements, defining data standards, creating strong processes, finding the right tools and technologies and establishing a strong data governance.

At Altis, we’re here to help. Our data management consulting services encompass everything from initial advisory and strategy, through to delivery including data integration, migration and beyond. Don’t delay, explore the possibilities today!

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