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Our Story

Connecting with Courage,
Heart and Insight

Sam, Joined 2019

Combining industry expertise, technical skill and collaboration, our team guides you down a successful path, through the unknown.

Our Data and Analytics leaders give you advice and delivery to maximise your business performance with confidence.

Our story has been driven by our ethos of ‘connecting with courage, heart and insight’, focusing on creating real and lasting relationships with our clients to help them deliver tangible results.

The key to achieving this has been our Apostles, who are the force behind our continued growth across three countries. They are the individuals we work with day to day, and we put every effort into creating the collaborative spaces that bring them success.

Putting people first

When Altis was founded in 1998 by Hyun Choi and Gavin Cooke, they had a vision to grow a living company that would prosper in the face of whatever the future held. They wanted to foster a strong culture, rather than just a business to sell.

As Altis grew, it’s core ethos developed out of this family foundation, lasting relationships becoming part of our central framework. Even as the organisation went international, we stayed committed to our team, our clients and our community.

Which is why we implemented the Service Profit Chain, a management philosophy that simply states that a happy, engaged team equals pleased, loyal clients, and the by-product is success for us all.

Our Service Profit Chain

We also implemented the Service Profit Chain, which is the management philosophy that a happy, engaged team would equate to happy loyal clients, and the by-product is success. From the beginning our focus was on the success of the team and our clients, not profits. This has proven to be a success within Altis in that the average tenure of our team members is over five years and that we continue to partner with our first client, 25 years on.

Since our first steps into Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence in
1998, we now have five offices across Australia, New Zealand and the UK,
working within a range of industries including Telecommunications, Health,
Transport and Logistics, FSI, Higher Education and Government.

A 'Best Place to Work'

In 2007, we set the goal of creating a culture that would make our team proud to be part of the Altis Family. Since 2010 , we have been included in BRW’s Annual ‘Best Places to Work’ 10 years running, a feat achieved by only a handful of Australian organisations.

On the strength of its people, Altis has become known as a workplace community where diversity, camaraderie and professional excellence are celebrated. A place where you can grow.

Our business is guided by two tenets: firstly our corporate ethos of ‘connecting with courage, heart and insight’, focusing on growing and maintaining real and lasting connections with our clients and helping them deliver tangible results. Secondly, our business model of ‘A happy, engaged team = happy, loyal clients = success’. Our achievements over the last 25 years demonstrates the benefits of this corporate ethos.

Paige, Joined 2020

Industry leaders

We’re interested in investing in our people, supporting them as they transform into future leaders and experts. The more doors that we can open, the greater the breadth of experience that our team returns.
Our Consultants are more than their qualifications, they are people with lived experiences. They are the ones out there in the community, finding and sharing insights, so you can be sure you have the most knowledgeable guides to take you to the summit.
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