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Azure Data Frameworks

Improve performance with Azure Data Frameworks

At Altis, we know that an effective data & analytics framework is essential for businesses wanting to make smart use of their data. We offer a range of Azure framework solutions to ensure you receive the highest value from your investment, that include:

  • Azure Synapse Analytics — Delivers powerful data insights, along with the ability to query data on your own terms.
  • Azure Data Factory — Accelerates the transformation of data using code-free data flows.
  • Azure Data Lake Storage — Enables you to capture data of any type, size or speed in a single platform, eliminating data silos.

Altis’ frameworks leverage the latest Azure technology to let you make better decisions with your data, building an efficient, sustainable Azure analytics environment for your organisation.

Altis’ Azure Data frameworks are designed to ensure you get value out of your data and analytics investments fast. Working alongside you, we create environments that leverage your existing infrastructure with the ability to quickly and accurately ingest data through the Azure cloud platform. Our frameworks make your information more easily consumed by self-service Business Intelligence tools, giving you immediate access to the insights you need to keep decision-making agile and responsive.

The Altis Azure Frameworks

Azure Data Load Accelerator
Our comprehensive Data Ingestion Framework for Azure dramatically reduces the development time to ingest and transform your data sources.

Azure Data Factory Metadata Driven Framework
Automates data integration from various source systems into Azure.

  • Metadata driven ETL process
  • Controlled and consistent method for faster data ingestion
  • Prioritisation of data modelling, profiling and analysis
  • Streamlined auditing and restart-ability of the ETL process

CICD Framework
Enables the continuous integration and painless merging of new code, as well as automating seamless deployment to different live environments.

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • Greater collaboration in development
  • Consistent, risk-free deployment to live environments

Reconciliation and Automated Testing Framework
Automates testing for accuracy and operability, along with the creation of full reconciliation reports.

  • Reconcile the dimensions and facts in the data model using a set pattern
  • Operate with reduced, traceable errors to Increase the trust of the business in the data

Auditing Framework
Tracks every record throughout the Extract, Load, Transform (ET) process, providing restart-ability and automated error logging.

These frameworks are growing entities, with new features being added with every successful implementation that Altis rolls out. Altis works with each of our clients to use the most appropriate frameworks for their environment and requirements. The modern Azure solutions that we provide represent the peak culmination of industry expertise and leading technology.

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By employing Altis’ Azure Data Frameworks, you can:

  • Reduce overall development effort of ingesting data by 60-70%
  • Ingest data into Azure seamlessly and at much higher speeds
  • Free up resources and enable agile, self-service BI
  • Increase development speed with automated branch testing and merging
  • Trace every record through ETL, giving you full system restart-ability and much more

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