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Our Managed Services team provide ongoing monitoring & support, managing your end-to-end data while delivering complete

Managed Services is instrumental in maintaining a robust and efficient data infrastructure. It’s designed to manage, optimise and evolve your organisation’s data environment. From database management to the application of data integration tools, Managed Services handle all the complexities, allowing you to focus on deriving valuable insights from your data.

Partnering with a trusted provider like Altis Consulting means placing your data in the hands of industry experts. You benefit from our wealth of experience and industry knowledge, enabling your internal teams to focus on strategic areas rather than getting tangled in operational complexities.

Recognising the critical role of data systems, we emphasise proactive management to ensure high availability, scalability and security. Your organisation relies on data, and any downtime can have significant repercussions. With our data management consulting services and innovative data integration tools, we help mitigate these risks, keeping your data environment primed for peak performance.

Building in-house expertise that can manage your data & analytics estate is an expensive and challenging exercise. Instead, rely on Altis’ customised Managed Services offering to provide ongoing, end-to-end data management. Our dedicated team will continually support your day-to-day activities, monitor your data environments, reduce costs, better mitigate risk, and ensure your data & analytics assets are available on time.

We’ll manage, you grow

Choosing Altis as your Managed Services partner means you can spend more time concentrating on your core business while we manage your end-to-end data & analytics estate, from database to stakeholder reports. No need to worry about resourcing constraints, with our wide-skilled, professional Managed Services team by your side.

At Altis Consulting, our approach to delivering Managed Services is grounded in understanding our client's unique business needs and committing to strategic, long-term partnerships. We aim to empower your business through data management processes and implementing innovative technology solutions.

Deep understanding
of business technology

Our highly-trained team are experts in a wide variety of data & analytics technologies, helping your organisation overcome challenges and better plan for the future. We help to deliver the freedom you have been searching for so you can grow your business and let your people concentrate on what they do best.

We take pride in our proficiency in navigating complex data ecosystems and enhancing performance across various technologies and platforms. Our team's extensive experience with effective data migration methodologies and deployment of advanced data integration tools ensure seamless transitions and robust data interconnectivity for your business.

We’re an extension of your team

Our team will take the time to guide your people on how to best utilise available technologies and ensure the protection of your data. With their skills at your disposal, you gain the competitive advantage of a dedicated data and analytics team at a fraction of the cost of internal ownership.

In essence, we act as an extension of your business — fully committed, integrally involved and relentlessly striving to achieve your data-driven goals.

Dramatically reduce your IT costs

Investing in enough people with the right skills to manage your data & analytics estate takes resources away from other critical activities. As a dedicated partner, Altis has the scale, means, and technical skills to reduce IT costs and make life easier across your entire organisation.

Explore how clients have benefitted from our Managed Services

Clients on our Managed Services program

151 Property
Australian Catholic University
AVID Property Group
Aware Super
Broadcast Australia
Pacific National
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How can Altis’ Managed Services help your organisation?


Data availability

Your data will be available whenever you need it. Our skilled team will constantly monitor your systems and resolve any problems before you get into the office. By avoiding costly downtime and delays,
you’ll enjoy a happier, more productive work environment.


Innovation opportunities

Data innovation is at the core of our Managed Services offering, helping you use, present, and share information in original and effective ways. Our consultants will be on hand to help you take advantage of new opportunities and showcase the very latest in
data & analytics.


Long-term partnerships

By choosing Altis as your partner, you reduce the risk of key subject-matter experts or technical developers leaving your organisation and creating operational knowledge gaps. As an extension of your team, we will manage the integrity, security and availability of your data & analytics estate for many years to come.

Get in touch with Altis today

As your trusted partner, we offer a wide range of services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re in need of strategic data platforming, seeking expert DevOps consulting services, looking for robust data integration tools or aiming to devise a results-driven data management strategy, we have you covered.

Our industry expertise spans various sectors, including transport and logistics, higher education, government and financial services. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in these sectors and can tailor our approach to fit your industry-specific requirements.

Don’t leave your database management to chance. Leverage our knowledge and expertise to transform your data into your most valuable asset. Reach out to us today to learn how our Managed Services can drive your organisation’s data performance and productivity to new heights.

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