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A single point of truth for a government-run transport agency

This government-run transport agency leads the development of safe, integrated and efficient transport systems. They had a goal to provide a single point of truth for key stakeholders and government ministers.

The Problem

This state government-run transport agency had a lack of technical resources specialising in data engineering, solution architecture and data visualisation. As a result, there were a number of existing, long-running projects that required additional technical attention to complete.

Additionally, this organisation wanted to migrate from their existing cloud platform to a new organisation-wide hybrid cloud platform. Focusing on improving their out-dated and non-standardised data pipelines, as well as data governance within their analytics platform.

The goal was to provide a single point of truth for reporting to key stakeholders and government ministers, with a focus on Maritime Regulatory, Marine Rescue and Roads Regulatory data insights.

As a result of this project, this organisation is able to have clearer visibility into data relating to Road Safety, Maritime Safety, and Emergency Management.

The Solution

The solution delivered was named Enterprise Analytics Platform (EAP) and consisted of a central data lake repository of data landed from various ERP and CRM source systems within the organisation.

On top of this were dimensional models that combined data from source systems to produce the business unit specific datasets to be utilised for reporting by different areas within this transport agency.

To build this solution we utilised Snowflake for the data warehouse storage. Snowflake came with a few key features that were important to the project, which were on-demand scalability and dynamic data

AWS was the backend to the entire platform. This was important as the transport agency were investing a lot of time and effort into the rollout of a hybrid cloud environment. The entire data platform could
be redeployed using Terraform into different AWS tenancies.

Matillion was used as the integration and orchestration tool for the platform. This was chosen because of its in-built connectivity and flexibility when working with Snowflake. It was used to connect to source systems such as Salesforce and to call government APIs to source data for the platform.

Tableau and Power BI were used as the data visualisation tools for the platform to ensure continuity for business reporting.

Tangible Outcomes

This solution has given this transport agency clearer visibility into the data behind Maritime operations throughout the state with regards to incidents and accidents and the safety of their waterways.

In addition to providing a single source of data to support ministerial enquiries into licensing, Altis has also given this organisation greater clarity into the demographics of licenses and vehicles on the roads
throughout the state, to assist in safety and future development opportunities.

Access to this data has improved road safety, with visibility into licensing and registration details, this transport agency can now get access to great insight into potential areas of issue with drivers and vehicles on the state’s roads.

The state’s maritime safety team also significantly benefits from this solution, with up-to-date access to all incidents occurring on waterways, along with GIS integration for mapping of incidents and accidents, which allows this organisation to plan for prevention.

Furthermore, the Emergency Management team uses the incident and GIS data within EAP to better assist in decision making around natural disasters, such as floods, strong winds, and storm.

“Special thanks to all of you for the journey to date, and what a huge first phase!

A special call out to the core program team, as well as our incredible Business SMEs, the future is bright for Maritime Data and more evidence-based-decision making.”

– Project Manager

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