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Design and build your
end-to-end Data Platform with Altis

A robust, modern and scalable Data Platform from Altis is the key to unlocking the value of your data. Our talented and highly experienced consultants can enable you to meet your organisation’s end-to-end data needs and drive long-term commercial growth.

Innovate smarter and faster

Our dedicated consultants can design and deliver a purpose-driven Data Platform that supports your unique business goals. With deep expertise across all modern technology environments, we can reduce your infrastructure costs while optimising performance and scalability requirements.

Better understand your business

A Data Platform by Altis provides a strong foundation for your business intelligence, enabling timely data-driven decisions by accessing information when and how you need it. We can design a robust data model that translates your key business concepts into a highly valuable and logical format for your users.

A partner in your success

When you engage with Altis to deliver your Data Platform, you get something deeper than just a business partnership. In that first moment when we meet and sit down, we’re inviting you to join our family and build a long-term connection.

Leaders in Kimball Development Methodology

By adopting this proven approach for your business, our team will build and implement your tailored solution for a specific area or business unit and then iterate across other areas of your organisation. We learn what refinements are needed at the technical level every step of the way so we improve the user experience and drive increased business intelligence adoption.

Explore how clients have benefitted from our Data Platforms

Clients we've built and designed Data Platforms for

Vehicle Technologies
St John
Partners Life

How can Altis’ Data Platforms
help your organisation?


Access your data to
drive decision making

As your advisor throughout the design, build and delivery of your Data Platform, we can show your users how to get the most out of the data they need to do their jobs. With modern data technology solutions from Altis, you can have complete confidence that you will always have access to quality data.


Enabling growth through data innovation

Data integrity and scalability is at the core of our Data Platforms, helping you grow as an organisation and better plan for the future. Our passionate consultants will be on hand to help you take advantage of new warehousing innovations and showcase the very latest in data and analytics.


Your end-to-end
Data Platform partner

Don’t let platform knowledge leave your organisation when your IT experts exit. Choose Altis as your Data Platform delivery partner and we’ll work with the same transparency and collaboration you’d expect from your own team. We will manage the acquisition, storage, security and availability of your data so you can make timely data-driven decisions.

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