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Public Training Calendar for Data Analytics Courses

Build your data & analytics knowledge and hone the skillsets you need to derive meaningful insights from data.


Power BI Dashboard in a Day (DIAD)

Australia, New Zealand
Jun 27, 2024

This one-day course covers the capabilities of Power BI with the goal of helping you understand how to analyse your data in a rich and compelling way as well as to be able to create your first reports/dashboards.

In 3 days

Dimensional Modelling

Australia, New Zealand
Jul 3, 2024
- Jul 4, 2024

Altis’ own highly-skilled trainers and consultants will demonstrate how Dimensional Modelling can be used during the implementation of Data Warehouses and Reporting Platforms, as well as the business critical benefits that it brings.

In 1 week

SQL Foundations

Australia, New Zealand
Jul 25, 2024

We are moving to a data-driven culture and more than ever, it’s important that you and your team have the ability to search through data to find insights to inform decisions.

In 1 month

Data Literacy

Australia, New Zealand
Aug 1, 2024

In our contemporary data-centric landscape, mastering data literacy is paramount for both you and your team to thrive. The ability to read, analyse, and interpret data is indispensable. According to leading global research firm Gartner, insufficient data literacy ranks as the second most significant internal obstacle to the success of an organisation's chief data officer function.

Our intensive one-day course is meticulously crafted to swiftly equip your team with the fundamental skills needed to confidently navigate the language of data.

In 1 month


Our data analytics training courses cater to individuals aiming to enhance data-driven decision-making in their organisations, or those looking to transition into a career in data analytics.

Our courses enable professionals to leverage data effectively for informed decision-making. Acquiring these skills will empower you to significantly influence your organisation’s strategic decisions, driving success.

Altis offers foundational courses for SQL, Power BI, & Dimensional Modelling. For those looking to further their skills, we also provide advanced data analytics training, including courses on Data Visualisation, Power BI training, Advanced SQL training and more.

Yes, all participants will receive a certificate upon successfully completing the course.

We offer a 20% discount for any bookings of three or more tickets to the same public training course. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss this further.

In addition to our public training sessions, Altis also offers private training and free high-level webinars. Our data analytics training sessions range from foundational courses for beginners to conceptual deep dives for those keen on gaining a more thorough understanding. We also feature specialised hands-on courses for all technology platforms such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik & more.

Understanding the integral role of soft skills in today’s professional landscape, we also offer training focused on enhancing communication and collaboration, tailoring it particularly for those in technical roles.

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