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Data Analytics Consulting for the Utilities Industry


Altis is helping the Utilities sector improve their operational and business efficiency.

We partner with gas, water and electricity companies to deploy a range of data and analytics solutions that reduce costs, speed up regulatory reporting and allow confident, data-driven decision making.

How Altis can help

Altis has an excellent track record when it comes to delivering tangible outcomes for the Utilities sector across Australia, UK and New Zealand. We value collaboration foremost, working with our clients to create tailored data and analytics solutions across the entire business landscape, including inventory and asset management, debtor management, customer administration, network performance, revenue assurance and reporting.
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South East Water
Snowy Hydro
Trans Grid
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Why choose Altis?

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Cost effective operations

We reduce the operational costs and effort to get accurate, real-time information to key decision makers.

  • Immediate delivery
    of key insights.
  • Responsive, real-time
    data stream.
  • Streamlined Information Management strategies.
  • Maximised return on enterprise investments.

Fit-for-purpose solutions

Altis implements Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence (DWBI), Data Lake, IoT Real-time Streaming and Advanced Analytics technologies without any excess, delivering lean, targeted and cost effective solutions.

  • Expert advice from data and analytics leaders.
  • Integration of emerging technology.
  • Custom tailored,
    sector-specific solutions.
  • DWBI that drives operational efficiency.

Improved system performance

By overhauling the way your legacy systems communicate, we improve your operational and analytical capacity.

  • Organisation-wide data consolidation.
  • Comprehensive data reporting.
  • Analytic and forecasting tools.
  • Faster informed decision-making.

Our Utilities clients access immediate insights and take informed action with Altis’ Utilities Analytics.

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