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Altis is a proud Founding Partner of Data4Good.

Data4Good’s mission is to inspire and enable people so that we can use our skills and passion to benefit humanity.
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Through Data4Good, Altis aims to empower not-for-profits to get more insights out of their data, without the cost of resourcing being a restrictive factor. There is so much underutilised and untapped data out there that could be harnessed to create a positive impact on health, education, human rights, the environment and much more.


Utilising data for good can create meaningful change across the globe. Through our involvement with Data4Good, Altis has been bringing together like-minded individuals by running events, knowledge sharing, and projects that connect organisations with modern data tools.

Corporate Responsibility

Altis continues to work hand-in-hand with Data4Good to help companies develop initiatives to support Sustainable Development Goals and to improve their social impact through their data. From machine learning to AI, data will play a critical role in shaping the future and Altis is excited about our role on this journey.
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