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We are your pathway to becoming a data-driven organisation.

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Charlotte, joined 2016

We are Altis

With 150 team members, we are a leading, independent data and analytics consultancy focused on maximising your organisation's performance. Combine our unrivalled experience, unique training and collaborative approach and you have the perfect data and analytics partner.
We are guiding major projects, supporting teams, and providing an opportunity to upskill with our data and analytics training. We’re here to reduce the technical complexity of your data problems. We level mountains and then guide you up the gentle slope.  
Meagan and Khai
Meagan, joined 2019 & Khai, joined 2004

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SQL Foundations

Jul 25, 2024
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Great people make amazing results

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GPTW - 10 consecutive years

“I started my journey at Altis 5 years ago as a grad. During my time at Altis, I have been given every opportunity to challenge and push myself. I feel very fortunate to have ended up at an organisation that has supported me in finding a path that suits me and how I work. You will not find better people to work with!”

World-class data analytics to drive your business forward

With data driven decision making, you can truly maximise your business’ performance and growth. At Altis Consulting, we’ll help translate your raw data into actionable data insights that will result in lower costs, increased profits, reduced risk and greater efficiency for your business.

Data analytics consulting services

Advisory & Strategy

With a single, vendor independent focus on best-practice data & analytics, we bring the knowledge to find the most effective solutions for your unique data and analytics needs.


We are a team of experienced data & analytics consultants that work with you to provide customised solutions for your organisation.

Managed Services

With a professional and highly responsive managed services team, we offer ongoing monitoring and support tailored to your specific needs.

AI & Machine Learning

Our data scientists and engineers will help develop customised AI & ML solutions to further optimise your business, and extract every bit of value from your data.

Data Platforming

We’ll help you design and build a complete end-to-end data platform, with a focus on making data available fast.


Our DevOps framework provides the mechanisms to quickly and easily deliver your code from development, to testing, and final productionisation to ensure code integrity through all stages of the DevOps lifecycle.

Data Migration

Our data migration framework helps maintain your data’s integrity during business transitions, including moving your data to the cloud (Azure, AWS or GCP).

Data Integration

Data Integration is the initial step to any Data Platforming activity. Our Data Load Accelerators will deliver seamless and flexible metadata driven solutions for your business.

Data Visualisation

Conveying key messages quickly and easily using proven data visualisation techniques is essential for turning data into information. Our versatile solutions, and pre-packaged dashboards will help you do just that, and better understand your data.

Industry 4.0

Our leading Industry 4.0 solutions will help you automate, connect and transform your business processes including Robotic Process Automation.

Industries we work with

Looking for industry-specific data analytics support? At Altis, we work with a wide range of industries, providing leading consulting and data analytics services. See our insights page to view blog posts and case studies about how our expert consulting in New Zealand has helped reduce the complexity of data issues in the utilities, transport & logistics, property, health, higher education, government and financial services sectors.

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