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Data Storytelling Certificate Training

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Learn powerful Data Storytelling techniques to drive performance

Data storytelling training is crucial in today’s data-driven world. It equips individuals with the skills to communicate complex information effectively, and the ability to weave a compelling narrative around data, transforming raw numbers and analytics into an impactful story.

Altis has designed a wide range of industry leading courses in Data Storytelling for modern businesses, helping staff to understand data from all angles. Professionals who can master data storytelling can bridge the gap between data analysts and decision-makers, ensuring that the insights gleaned from data are not only accurate but also easily comprehensible.

Applying the principles from these training courses has been shown to radically improve data visualisation uptake and date literacy in organisations, driving effective decision-making and boosting performance.

Our engaging and easy-to-follow data & analytics training courses can be delivered onsite or remotely by a team of experienced and passionate industry consultants.

Are you ready to become a data-driven storyteller and realise the incredible long-term benefits?

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Data Storytelling Certificate Training FAQs

Individuals who would benefit from attending all of the mentioned courses include those with a comprehensive interest in data-driven decision-making, effective communication of insights, and proficiency in creating interactive dashboards. Here’s a general profile of someone who might consider attending all three courses:

  • Profile: Data-Driven Decision Maker and Communicator
  • Role: A mid to senior-level professional or manager with responsibilities that involve making strategic decisions based on data insights and effectively communicating these insights to various stakeholders.
  • Industry: Relevant across industries, including business, finance, healthcare, marketing, and more.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Data Analysis and Visualisation: Regularly analyses and interprets data to derive actionable insights.
    • Decision-Making: Makes key decisions that impact the organisation’s strategy, operations, or performance.
    • Communication: Needs to communicate data-driven insights clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Attendee Background:
    • Has a foundational understanding of data concepts and data management.
    • Seeks to enhance data literacy, storytelling skills, and proficiency in creating interactive dashboards.

The courses are entry-level and designed for individuals with no prior knowledge, here are some general preparatory steps for attendees:

  • Explore Basic Data Visualisation Principles: Familiarise yourself with fundamental data visualisation principles, such as the importance of clear presentation, simplicity, and effective storytelling.
  • Install Necessary Software: For tool-specific courses like Power BI or Tableau, ensure that the required software is installed on your computer ahead of time. Follow the installation instructions provided by the course or software provider.
  • Check System Requirements: Ensure that your computer meets the system requirements for the software tools being used in the courses. This information is typically available on the official websites of the tools.
  • Prepare Questions: Think about any specific questions you may have regarding data literacy, storytelling, or dashboard creation. Being prepared with questions can enhance your engagement during the course.
  • Bring Real-World Examples: If applicable, come prepared with real-world examples or scenarios from your work or personal experiences that you can use during the hands-on exercises or discussions.
  • Brush Up on Basic Computer Skills: Ensure that you have basic computer skills, including file management, navigating through folders, and using common keyboard shortcuts. This will help you feel more comfortable during hands-on exercises.
  • Have a Positive Learning Mindset: Approach the courses with a positive and open mindset. Understand that the courses are designed for beginners, and no prior knowledge is expected.

Upon course completion, all attendees will receive an email with a certificate, a badge and instructions on how to add this badge to their LinkedIn profile.

Choose Altis as your Data Storytelling training provider for an unparalleled learning experience that seamlessly blends industry expertise with technical skill. Our team of experienced trainers are dedicated to teaching data literacy best practices, ensuring that you not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical insights to navigate the dynamic landscape of data and analytics. 

Our data & analytics training courses serve as a direct pathway to transforming you into a proficient, data-driven expert, facilitated by consultants with real-world experience.

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