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Data Governance Certificate Training

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Improve Data Quality across your organisation

Data Governance is essential for organisations to ensure data quality, compliance with regulations, risk management, and overall operational efficiency, which collectively contribute to better decision-making and sustained success.

Altis has designed a wide-range of interactive and easy-to-follow Data Governance courses to help your staff better understand the processes, principles and technology that are essential to managing and utilising data.

These courses will cover everything from privacy, security and compliance to real-world case studies on how Data Governance can be implemented successfully and what it means for your organisation.

Our engaging and easy-to-follow data & analytics training courses can be delivered onsite or remotely by our team of highly-skilled industry consultants. Are you ready to improve your Data Governance and become a data-driven organisation?

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Data Governance Certificate FAQs

Data Governance Training is suitable for a wide range of professionals and individuals who are involved in managing, using, or handling data within an organisation. Here are some key target audiences for Data Governance Training:

  • Data Stewards: Individuals responsible for overseeing and managing the quality, security, and integrity of data within an organisation.
  • Data Managers and Administrators: Professionals involved in the day-to-day management and administration of data systems and databases.
  • Compliance and Risk Management Professionals: Individuals involved in ensuring that data practices align with regulatory requirements and mitigating risks associated with data usage.
  • Executives and Managers: Decision-makers who need to understand the importance of data governance in achieving business goals and maintaining compliance.
  • Data Architects: Individuals involved in designing and planning the structure and organisation of an organisation’s data assets.

To prepare for Data Governance Training, you can take several steps to ensure that you get the most out of the training sessions and are well-equipped to understand and implement data governance principles within your organisation. Here are some recommendations:

  • Review Relevant Industry Standards and Regulations: Familiarise yourself with data protection and privacy regulations applicable to your industry or region.
  • Identify Current Data Governance Practices in Your Organisation: If your organisation already has some data governance practices in place, familiarise yourself with them. Understand the existing policies and procedures related to data management.
  • Bring Real-World Challenges: Come prepared with specific challenges or issues related to data governance that you are facing in your current role. This can help you apply the concepts learned during the training.
  • Identify Key Stakeholders: Recognise the key stakeholders within your organisation who are involved in or impacted by data governance efforts.
  • Define Your Role and Objectives: Clearly define your role in data governance within your organisation. Set specific objectives or goals you aim to achieve through the training.

Upon course completion, all attendees will receive an email with a certificate, a badge and instructions on how to add this badge to their LinkedIn profile.

Choose Altis as your Data Governance training provider for an unparalleled learning experience that seamlessly blends industry expertise with technical skill. Our team of experienced trainers are dedicated to teaching data governance best practices, ensuring that you not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical insights to navigate the dynamic landscape of data and analytics.

Our data & analytics training courses serve as a direct pathway to transforming you into a proficient, data-driven expert, facilitated by consultants with real-world experience.

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