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Our Data Migration framework is structured for your success

Effective data migration and management are vital in modern business operations. It helps to leverage data as a strategic asset, ensure business continuity, comply with regulations and enable data accessibility and integration.

Business transitions can be messy, but Altis’ Data Migration Framework tightly manages all the moving parts to maintain the integrity of your data. Our approach has been proven over years of successful deployment and we have firsthand experience navigating the journey from ‘old’ systems to ‘new’ systems. We prepare for everything, covering the whole process from planning and set up, to dress rehearsal and cutover.

Engaging Altis as your reputable data management consultant and utilising our reliable data migration methodology will help your organisation navigate the complexities of data migration, mitigate risks and establish robust data management practices for long-term success.

Complete strategic planning

We guide you through every single step of the migration process, because success comes from strategic planning. We develop full strategies for delivery and structured change management.

Data quality focus

We perform lossless reformatting of your source data for a seamless migration. Data quality is our highest priority, so our processes preserve everything as it is transitioned to fit new systems.

Post cutover support

Even after a successful migration, we provide ongoing collaborative support. Our framework includes a full handover to your team, educating on all the new systems and processes in place.

System consolidation

Altis makes the transition out of legacy systems as painless as possible. We bring your infrastructure up to speed, consolidating how your data is handled across platforms to protect you in the future.

See how our clients have benefitted from our Data Migration services.

Clients we've delivered Data Migration projects for

Sigma Healthcare
Eden Brae Homes

Read about the benefits our Data Migration framework has given our clients.


Mitigate risks

The Data Migration team at Altis plan for every eventuality. We take the time to understand your organisation then tailor strategic data migration plans that reduce potential risks that come with being unprepared.


Keep your project on track

Our step-by-step framework keeps deployment on track and ensures critical factors for success are being met. When working with Altis, you’ll always have full clarity of the trajectory of your data migration.


Avoid disruptions

We recognise and preserve your ‘Business As Usual’ tasks. When planning your migration, Altis designs a structured transition that minimises impact on operations as they’re moved away from outdated systems.

Our Data Migration Methodology

Altis’ well-defined data migration methodology ensures a smooth and successful data transfer, enabling organisations to leverage accurate and reliable data in their target systems for effective business operations and decision-making.

  1. Assessment: Assess the source data, identify dependencies and define migration goals and requirements.
  2. Planning: Develop a detailed migration plan, including timelines, resource allocation and risk management strategies.
  3. Extraction: Extract data from the source system, ensuring the data is captured accurately and completely.
  4. Transformation: Transform the extracted data to match the structure and format of the target system.
  5. Validation: Confirm the transformed data’s accuracy, completeness and adherence to defined quality standards by performing data integrity checks, verifying data consistency and comparing migrated data against the source system to ensure a successful migration.
  6. Loading: Migrate the validated data into the target system, following the defined mapping and transformation rules.

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