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AWS Data Frameworks

Make better data-driven decisions with our AWS Data Frameworks

Automate your processes and transform the way you do business with Altis’ customised cloud solutions.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers incredibly powerful platforms for organisations looking to rapidly load their data and make real-time decisions.

A robust, modern cloud-based data and analytics platform like AWS gives you the ability to quickly and accurately ingest data from a huge range of sources. By harnessing the power of the AWS architecture and automating a wide range of traditionally manual processes, not only will your team have instant access to key data but you will also dramatically reduce infrastructure costs.

To understand how ‘infrastructure as code’ can help your business, you need a partner that specialises in designing and implementing AWS architecture platforms that are scalable, efficient and cost-effective.

Proven AWS frameworks
Altis has designed proven frameworks that fully automate the process of extracting, transforming and loading the data into a central repository, reducing your cost of operations and allowing your end users to focus on the important task of data analysis and reporting.

Imagine a world where your team can quickly gather and present data in ways that improve their productivity and drive commercial outcomes.

It’s all about giving you the flexibility, scalability and control you need to become a truly data-driven organisation. From gathering key business insights that enable smart decision-making to empower your team with timely, accurate and easily accessible data.

AWS Data Load Accelerator
Our comprehensive Data Ingestion Framework for AWS dramatically reduces the development time to ingest and transform your data sources.

Altis AWS Serverless Data Lake Framework
The Altis AWS Serverless Data Lake Framework leverages the benefits of all the AWS automated models and brings TOGETHER the extensive experience Altis has had in delivering several Data Analytics platforms, we have developed a framework that fully automates the process of extracting, transforming and loading the data into a central repository WHILE reducing your cost of operations and the time-to-value, allowing your end users to focus on the important task of data analysis and reporting.

Our key goal for building this framework was to provide you with the performance, flexibility and control to support the various rapid changes that your business goes through on a daily basis as well as help you grow this platform efficiently along with your business.

Chao anf Anandraj
Chao, Joined 2020 & Anandraj, Joined 2017

Employing Altis AWS Data Frameworks is a smart business decision.

  • Realise immediate business benefits
  • Improve rate of data ingestion
  • Easy access management
  • Enhanced business intelligence
  • Generate competitive advantage
  • Reduce overall development time by over 50%
  • High data availability and accessibility

Connect with Altis today

Ready to maximise data to its full potential? Reach out to Altis. In addition to AWS data frameworks, we specialise in Azure Data Framework, Snowflake Data Accelerator, Data Load Accelerator and more.

Our wide range of services doesn’t stop with the AWS architecture, either. We offer private data analytics training for your team, strategic advisory services, data platforming, data migration, data integration and data visualisation to ensure you unlock the full value of your data. Contact Altis today and let us help you propel your business towards a seamless data-driven future.

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