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System development frameworks that ensure implementation always works right the first time

The Altis’ DevOps framework gives you faster, simpler delivery for system developments.

Streamline your software development cycle to drive efficiency and collaboration when you integrate your development and operations teams with Altis. Discover the benefits of data-driven DevOps and DevOps tools for cutting-edge DevOps methodologies suitable for utilities, transport, logistics and other industries.

We reduce the points of complexity between design, testing and implementation to leave you with a lean, responsive cycle for iterative improvement. The environments that we create are engineered for the platforms that you actually use, and they are always designed with the end user in mind. Through automation and quality control, Altis DevOps gives you speed and confidence in your IT operations.

API-driven cloud models

Gain complete control over your systems and data. Using an API-driven model, Altis builds your system infrastructure around clear, easy to use interfaces that seamlessly communicates across your system network.

Continuous integration, continuous deployment (CICD)

Deploy new updates faster and with a zero failure rate. CICD gives your developers access to continuously updating builds that automatically merge changes and test for errors well ahead of your deadlines.

Automated quality control

Build quality control directly into your pipeline. As part of your DevOps framework, Altis deploys automatic quality checks that monitor the health of your data as it travels through your systems.

Inbuilt data reporting

Resolve production issues early with inbuilt auditing and error logging. As your data is extracted, transformed and loaded through your pipeline, our DevOps frameworks are equipped to accurately capture every change.

Integrate business,
analytics and engineering

Bring every stream of your business into closer alignment. Built around Agile methodology, Altis’ approach facilitates collaboration by creating clear avenues for cross-team feedback to be incorporated into the production process.

Have a look at what our DevOps frameworks have done for our clients

Clients we've delivered DevOps projects for

Sigma Healthcare

Explore the possibilities with Altis' DevOps solution


Compatible with
any platform

Our cloud-based DevOps framework is completely platform independent. Whether you’re using Azure, AWS or GCP, we can deploy to your organisation without overhauling your systems.


Innovate faster

Shorten the time frames of your production cycle and unlock opportunities for rapid innovation. With a more efficient infrastructure you’ll move from ideation to implementation faster than ever before.


Improve the quality
of your data

Being able to trust your data means that you can be confident in the evidence behind your decisions. Altis’ inbuilt quality control secures that reliability for you.


Environment Issues

Altis’ framework lets your systems communicate in a universal language, eliminating issues between different environments. We ensure this link never falters, automating upgrades and maintenance processes to cause minimal impact.

DevOps 101

DevOps is a software development approach that combines development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams, processes and tools to improve collaboration, efficiency and the overall software delivery lifecycle. It aims to bridge the gap between development and operations, enabling faster and more reliable software releases.

Traditionally, developers focused on writing code and creating new features, while operations teams were responsible for deploying and maintaining the software in production environments. This division often led to communication barriers, slower release cycles and increased chances of errors or conflicts between the two teams.

DevOps, however, promotes a culture of collaboration and shared responsibility. It emphasises close cooperation between developers, operations staff, quality assurance (QA) engineers and other stakeholders involved in the software delivery process.

Gain objective insights and guide improvements with data-driven DevOps

Data-driven decision-making is essential in DevOps practices, allowing teams to identify bottlenecks, measure performance, and optimise processes objectively.

By leveraging analytics and monitoring tools, teams can gather valuable insights, drive improvements and ensure the delivery of high-quality software that meets performance, reliability and user experience expectations.

With Altis, you can use these DevOps tools to enhance productivity, facilitate continuous data integration and deployment and support efficient infrastructure management:

  • Docker for containerisation
  • Kubernetes for container orchestration
  • Jenkins for automation
  • Git for version control

They enable automation, scalability and consistent environments, providing insights to drive improvements and ensure high-quality software.

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