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Snowflake Data Accelerator

Make better data-driven decisions with our Snowflake Data Load Accelerator

Improve your data workloads and transform the way you do business with Altis’ Snowflake experience and frameworks.

Altis are an early Snowflake adopter. We are proud to have conducted the first implementation of Snowflake in Australia in 2017. In 2019 we were awarded the Snowflake Trailblazer award. Since then, Altis have had numerous successful Snowflake implementations and accredited staff.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, Altis has developed the Snowflake Data Load Accelerator. See our Data Load Accelerator page for an overview of this framework.

The Altis metadata-driven Snowflake framework gives your organisation a single cloud solution to manage all your data workloads without creating any siloes. You can effectively support a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users and queries with near-unlimited, dedicated compute resources.

Working alongside our highly-experienced consultants, our framework has been used by numerous large organisations to reduce delivery time of new data analytics solutions. Once the set-up is complete, the framework has allowed them to schedule and load hundreds of tables from source systems into their Snowflake warehouse through a simple, once off configuration.

By providing your team with faster, more accurate access to the information they need, you can accelerate your Business Intelligence and present data in powerful new ways.

Chao anf Anandraj
Chao, Joined 2020 & Anandraj, Joined 2017

By employing the Snowflake Data Load Accelerator framework, your organisation can achieve:

  • Immediate business benefits
  • Improved rate of data ingestion
  • Strengthened governance and security
  • Reduced time spent in coding
  • Savings on technical resources
  • Sustained competitive advantage

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