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Soft Skills for Technical Professionals

Mik, Joined 2007

Your key to success in partnering with business users is your team’s ability to influence and communicate effectively.

Technical skills are vital for starting a project, but successful delivery depends on effective communication and collaboration. With Altis’s specialised Soft Skills training for professionals, your technical teams will gain the confidence to succeed.

Through tailored courses, your team’s expertise will be complemented with the ability to motivate others, manage conflict, build stronger connections and more.

Our Soft Skills training for professionals is meticulously designed to nurture and strengthen these indispensable skills that technical professionals sometimes underestimate. By prioritising both technical and soft skills, we aim to equip your team with a balanced toolkit for success in an ever-competitive and data-driven world.

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Meet our Training Lead

Sara O’Connor
Leading our Soft Skills training team, Sara has been an adult educator since the

year 2000. She has worked as a coach, trainer and facilitator, as well as holding a key role in our programme design & delivery, research, and client relations.

With this breadth of experience, Sara has gained a deep appreciation for the goals of her clients. As a people leader herself, her objective is to provide quality programmes that encourage exceptional staff development. This approach has seen clients return time and time again to this service, and during her career Sara has earned a place as a trusted partner to senior executives, HR teams, business unit managers, technical experts and non-technical staff from the ANZ, Air Services Australia, Caltex, CSIRO, Department of Prime Ministers Office, John Holland, Thiess, Macquarie Bank, Westpac and more.

Your path to comprehensive professional development is with Altis

Sharpen your communication practices, leadership skills and interpersonal abilities to stand alongside your technical expertise. Altis’s soft skills training for professionals focuses on empowering professionals to lead with confidence, articulate insights clearly and foster a culture of collaboration.

If you’re keen on further growth, consider our specialised Private Data Analytics Training. We also offer a broad spectrum of public training sessions and provide free data analytics webinars packed with valuable insights. Contact us today, so you can get started on your mission to scale your business through data-backed strategies.

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