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Industry 4.0

Better automate, connect and transform your processes with Industry 4.0

Altis’ Industry 4.0 solutions can help you transform existing industry processes, create end-to-end information streams across the value chain and realise new services and business models. And it all begins with your data.

The benefits of adopting Industry 4.0

The digital automation of manufacturing and production industries using AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and the Internet of Things are the driving force behind Industry 4.0. Altis can assist your organisation to harness these technologies and improve operational efficiencies.

Wide range of data types

As organisations embrace Industry 4.0 to automate their processes, we are witnessing how powerful this paradigm shift is. It can be used across unstructured data, data from API calls or a relational database, and interfaces that are machine-to-machine or machine-to-human.

Monitor assets and processes in real time

Altis’s independent consultants can investigate areas where autonomous decision-making processes could be enabled in your organisation. These solutions allow you to monitor assets - from machinery to customer databases - and improve efficiencies in real-time to deliver value.

Long term collaboration

When you engage with Altis to design and implement the latest Industry 4.0 Data solutions, we will work closely with you and your team to understand your unique business needs. Through ongoing collaboration we’re inviting you to join our family and build a long-term connection.

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Clients we've delivered Industry 4.0 projects for

Pacific National
South East Water
Hunter Water

How can Altis’ Industry 4.0 help your organisation?


customer experience

If you’re looking to improve how customers interact with and purchase your products and services, then Altis’ Industry 4.0 solutions could be the answer. Better understand customer databases, customer interactions, marketing and communications, and buying habits to optimise your Customer Lifetime
Value (CLV).


Enabling growth
through Industry 4.0

Our passionate, independent consultants will be on hand to help you learn and take advantage of the very latest developments across the Industry 4.0 space. We have expertise across a range of industries and can implement tailored solutions for your unique business needs.


Optimise logistics
and supply chains

Together we can design a truly connected supply chain that will adapt and accommodate when new information is presented. This has the potential to improve manufacturing scheduling, better coordinate shipping and transportation and ultimately save you time and money.

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