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Machine Learning Checks Quality Of GPMRI Referrals

We were recently featured in an article on the Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ) website, a not-for-profit organisation that supports the field of digital health, by delivering events, media, and professional development opportunities. 

In this article, Paul Roseman, ProCare‘s Senior Manager of Strategic Development, shares how the Altis team contributed to a project which allows machine learning to check the quality of referrals for MRI scans being made by northern region GPs. The service allows GPs who have received MRI training to directly refer patients for a scan if they have knee, lumbar, or upper spine injuries, rather than having to refer them to a specialist to make that decision.

Altis Consulting developed the machine learning programme with ProCare. Alex Gray, Altis New Zealand Regional Manager, says this involved taking what Kara was doing via his manual checks and teaching the machine to look for the same words.

“As we get more results, those feed back in and the machine algorithms learn and develop over time, so it is getting more accurate,” explains Gray.

He emphasises that the machine is not making any clinical decisions, but rather is used to ensure referrals are consistent with the guidelines provided to GPs.

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